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Artistry Of Cap Digitizing


Cap/Hat Digitizing is a unique and specific domain of embroidery and digitizing services with a high demand nowadays. A lot of celebrities, athletes, political figures, influencers, etc have their merchandise with their brand logo on it and one of the main items in merchandise is a cap. Caps are considered a fashion statement among trendsetters. Caps are also in demand in the countries with really hot weather as they can protect you from the harmful sun rays.

In the embroidery enterprise, the digitization of caps is different from other embroidered products. It requires your design to go through planning and sizing before the embroidery process. The manufacturing process demands experienced and highly skillful digitizers due to the complexity associated with the hat manufacturing process and to ensure high-quality precision stitches and a flawless product.

There are two kinds of cap digitizing services commonly known as structured caps and unstructured caps. What’s the difference between structured and unstructured caps? Let me give you a little technical background: Structured caps are known as six-panel caps. A structured cap has a buckram or rigid frame on the back of the two front head panels on the top of the cap providing it a structure as the name suggests. And the unstructured cap has no support behind the two front head panels on the top of the cap. You can also find out the type of the cap by taking it off of your head and setting it on to a table, if a cap maintains its shape it is a structured cap and if it collapses it is an unstructured cap.

Caps cannot be digitized like any other flat object or material. it means that embroidery on caps is less stable. It does not mean that there are no hoops for cap embroidery but because a cap is round and a round platform doesn’t provide as much stability as a flat platform does. These hoops can only stabilize the bottom of the cap as they are attached behind the front of the cap from the inside. It means that as a digitizer you have to start the digitization from bottom to top because the top of the cap is already unstable and if the digitizer starts the digitizing from the top, it can have terrible results.

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