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Are you wondering what embroidery digitizing is? When technology coalesce with embroidery, it forms a more delicate and beautiful art form known as Embroidery digitizing. Few years ago, Embroidery Digitizing was considered more as a leisure activity but now it has become popular and it has become advanced technologically to enhance design medium. Now, we live in an era of digital industrialization, where every action is digitized, so is embroidery. In the past, embroidery was done manually and it used to take a lot of time, which was not good for business.

In the simplest words, embroidery digitizing is the process in which artwork, images, text, and any type of design is converted into a digital file with the help of software, that allows embroidery machines to understand the needle’s path. If you want to add depth to your garments, want to add company logos or even if it is only about using it in a fashionable way, Embroidery Digitizing has made its way in the industry!It does not matter what design you have, be it logo, photo or any kind of illustration, our highly skilled Digitizers (AKA Punchers) can turn your designs into a set of particular commands by usingdifferent software, and later, they convert them into specific machine readable format, and then executed it, i.e. embroidered by the machine on a specific garment.


Embroidery digitizing speaks a language of its own, which needs time to grasp, learn, understand and appreciate. Our qualified and talented team of digitizers work efficiently and not only have they had amazing ideas for the new design but the dimensions to work within too.


Digitizer needs embroidery software to perform digitizing process. Every software is different and can perform various takes and it depends on the machine that eventually embroidered the design. But how does it work? Let’s have a look at example! If someone has an industry standard Tajima Pulse embroidery machine, then they will need a software, which can create source design files, which would be comfortably readable by this particular machine. Although, every machine has its own unique and complementary software which can be obtained at a discounted rate, sometimes free of cost too (if purchased with the machine­). Hence, most of the software are still able to create file, which are universal like DST and readable by majority if the embroidery machines of today and not just their own particular and personal machine.


Embroidery digitizing is not just a vogue in fact;it has become an industry in itself!


Advantages of using Embroidery Digitizing






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Produced in Low-Budget, both design and the embroidery!

Faster as embroidery, dine mechanically

Faster as embroidery, dine mechanically

We digitized your most complicated designs easily by using embroidery software

Why outsource embroidery-digitizing services to W.E.D?

  1. Purchasing an embroidery software would not be budget friendly and it would not be a favorable option to use a digitizer yourself.
  2. Savings would not have to hire Digitizer.
  3. You will start focusing on the most important aid of your business, the embroidery process.
  4. We provide with finest possible quality because we have technically proficient and exceedingly trained staff.
  5. Before finalizing your work, we share it with you to get it approved so it reduces the risk of missing information that you have in your mind.

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